Who provides whereabouts and why?

In general, only elite and ‘at risk’ athletes who are included in their international federation and/or national anti-doping organization’s Registered Testing Pool are required to report their whereabouts.

Whereabouts information is one of the most powerful anti-doping tools. It allows for coordinated and efficient planning and conducting of the most important element of the doping control process: no-advance notice out-of-competition testing.

Most prohibited substances and methods are detectable over a limited period of time but may have a long-lasting effect on performance. And that’s where no-advance notice out-of-competition testing steps in: it help athletes stay away from the temptation of winning at all cost, including by prohibited means. Athletes who are required to report their whereabouts are always aware they can be tested anytime, anywhere, which scales down their chances of doping successfully.

Deadlines for whereabouts submission

What should a whereabouts filing contain?

Sanctions for whereabouts failures

How are whereabouts submitted?

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