Anti-doping center

Anti-doping Centre’s Policy

The mission of the Anti-Doping Centre (ADC)is to fulfill the state's commitments undertaken with the signing of the Anti-doping Convention of the Council of Europe, the Additional Protocol to it and the International Convention against Doping in Sport of UNESCO.

The Anti-Doping Centre refers to sports values such as leadership, respect, quality, justice and sportsmanship and helps to increase knowledge about the consequences (ethical, legal, health, social) of doping.

We guarantee with our activities to provide a professional approach and applysame standards for all athletes and Athlete support personals, implementing cooperation at the national and international level. Anti-doping Centre's activity is organized and managed as a system of coordinated and interconnected processes, which ensures the trust of anyinterested party and increases our ability to predict and react to internal and external potential risks.

We maintain scrupulous cooperation with all stakeholders on the basis of mutual trust, beneficial conditions and professional relations, following the current national regulations and rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The recognition and consecutive improvement of the competence of our staff facilitates their involvement in achieving the high-quality goals of the Anti-doping Centre. The results are expected to be reached by evidence-based actions and decisions, supported by experience and knowledge, based on analysis and evaluation of data and information from measurement and monitoring of key indicators to prove the effectiveness of the Anti-doping Centre.

The Anti-Doping Centre is certified by the “AFNOR Groupe” to ISO 9001:2015 for the following activities: “Conducting doping control in sport. Training and authorization of doping control officers. Anti-doping education for prevention of the use of prohibited substances and methods in sport. Issuing Therapeutic Use Examption."

To implement this policy, we have set the following goals:

• Periodically informing the sports community about the existence of anti-doping rules and about showing zero tolerance to the use of doping in sports;

• Raising the awarenessamong the society of the harm of the use of doping substances through educational programs;

• Planning and conducting doping testing - doping control according to the annual plan and upon requests;

• Issuance of Therapeutic use exemption in accordance with the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Examption;

• Investigation of anti-doping rules violations and signals of potential violations;

• Educations for athletes and Athelete support personals  according to our annual education plan to prevent the use of prohibited substances and methods;

• Ensuring a professional approach to developing and implementing procedures and good practice for the fair treatment of athletes and Athelete support personals  who violate anti-doping rules.

The ADC`s Management and all employees are committed to implementing this policy in order to continually improve their work and increase the effectiveness of the Anti-Doping Center.

ISO 9001 Certificate: 2015
Anti-Doping Center Strategy