Storage and re - analysis of samples

In relation to the protection of the clean athletes, since 2017 the Anti-Doping Centre establishes policy for long-term storage and re-analysis of samples  pursuant to Art. 6.5 and 6.6 of the World Antidoping Code and Art. 4.7.3 of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations . The policy will be implemented in compliance with the International Standard for Laboratories, International Standard for Protection and Privacy of Personal Information and WADA rules for long-term storage and re-analysis.

The implementation of the policy will ensure that the Antidoping Centre can store urine and/or blood samples, collected in-competition or out-of-competition, which could be re-analyzed by new and/or modernized technologies in order to find previously undetectable substances. The storage period could be up to 10 years and stored samples are subject to analysis at any time during this period.

Policy For Long Term Sample Storage and Further Analysis_BG
Policy For Long Term Sample Storage and Further Analysis_EN