Every athlete has an important role in keeping the sport clean and maintaining a fair and equitable competitive environment. We all have a responsibility to keep the sport clean of improbity, unfair play and doping, so that we can believe that the winning of an athlete or team is due to the fact that it is the star of the day. The values ​​of sports and their maintenance show who we are and what we hold dear. For clean sport, values ​​such as joy and fun, respect, friendship, dedication, excellence and health are fundamental.

What do we need to know to keep the sport clean?

The anti-doping system and its rules protect the sport from doping. The National Anti-Doping Organization on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is the Anti-Doping Center. The international organization responsible for anti-doping activities is the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

What can we do to keep the sport clean and to follow the anti-doping rules?

Tell your medicals that you are an athlete and that you must follow the anti-doping rules.

Check the Prohibited List if you suspect that the medicine you need to take contains a prohibited substance or ask the Anti-Doping Center.

• If you need medical treatment, find out if there is necessary to apply for a TUE.

• Find out more about the risks of inadvertent doping by using nutritional supplements.

Speak if you have concerns that someone is using prohibited substances or is breaking another anti-doping rule.