Informed-Sport is a program for certifying the quality of food products in sports, suppliers of sports foods, their producers and their production base. The program ensures that each batch of food supplements and / or raw materials bearing the Informed-Sport logo is tested for prohibited substances in the LGC control and analytical laboratory. Users of sports nutrition supplements can use the search section on the Informed-Sport website to find products that have passed this rigorous certification process to check the batch numbers of the product tested and the one they consume.

Studies show that some products are contaminated with a minimum amount of substances that are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The Informed-Sport program aims to work closely with manufacturers and suppliers of food additives, checking the quality of their production base and provides high-quality analytical testing of products and ingredients to prevent the entry of banned substances into the world of sports. Also, the program aims to provide athletes with the opportunity for effective risk management so that they can choose products that have passed additional quality control, as required by professional sports.

The Anti-Doping Center does not provide any advice on nutritional supplements and does not encourage their use by athletes.