What if my Antidoping Center's TUE is not recognized by my International federation?

You or the Antidoping Center have 21 days to refer the matter to WADA for review after notification of the non-recognition. You should send the same information that you submitted to the Antidoping Center, and on which their TUEC based their decision, via a secure on-line method or by registered mail at:

WADA Medical DepartmentWorld Anti-Doping Agency

Stock Exchange Tower

800 Place Victoria (Suite 1700)

P.O. Box 120

Montreal (Quebec) H4Z 1B7


The email address to enquire and/or send the request for review is: medical@wada-ama.org

Pending WADA’s decision, Antidoping Center’s TUE remains valid for national-level competition and out-of-competition testing only. If the matter is not referred to WADA for review, the Antidoping Center must determine whether the original TUE that was granted should remain valid for national-level Competition and Out-of-Competition Testing.

Who should apply for a TUE? Where and when to apply?

What is a Therapeutic Use Exeption (TUE)?

What if my Antidoping Center's TUE is denied?

Will my medical information be treated in a confidential manner?

Contact information

How to apply to the Antidoping Center for a TUE?

Can I get a retroactive TUE?

What if I need to renew my TUE?

What are the criteria for granting a TUE?

What happens at major events?

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