Who should apply for a TUE? Where and when to apply?

Athletes who are subject to anti-doping rules would need a TUE to take a prohibited substance or use a prohibited method. You should verify with the Antidoping Center to know to whom you need to apply and if you can apply retroactively.

First, check if the required medication or method you intend to take or use is prohibited as per the WADA Prohibited List.

You have a responsibility to inform your physician(s) that you are an Athlete bound to anti-doping rules. You and your physician(s) should check the Prohibited List for whatever substance/method you are prescribed. If the substance/method is prohibited, discuss non-prohibited alternatives, if there are none, apply for a TUE. Remember athletes have the ultimate responsibility. Contact the Antidoping Center if you are having difficulties.

Then, contact the Antidoping Center to determine your competition level and TUE application requirements.

If it is determined that you are a National-Level Athlete, [Athletes with quota for participation in summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic Games,World and European Championships and other international high-rank events; Athletes with quota for participation in youth summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, World and European Championships and other international major Events; Athletes in individual or Team Sports, being part of a national team; Athletes in Team Sports, who compete in the highest league in the respective sport] you must apply to the Antidoping Center in advance, as soon as the need arises, unless there are emergency or exceptional circumstances.

For substances prohibited in-competition only, you should apply for a TUE at least 30 days before your next competition. Please refer to the section “How to apply to the Antidoping Center for a TUE?” below.

If your level is lower than the “National-Level” as defined above, [“Recreational Athlete” is a natural Person who is so defined by the relevant National Anti-Doping Organization, however, under the condition that this term does not include any Person who, within a 5-year period prior to committing any anti-doping rule violation, has been an International-Level Athlete (according to the definition of each International Federation consistent with the ISTI), or National-Level Athlete (as defined by each National Anti-Doping Organization consistent with the ISTI), has represented any country in an International Event in an open category, or has been included within any Registered Testing Pool or another whereabouts information pool maintained by any International Federation or National Anti-Doping Organization. ], you are entitled to apply for a retroactive TUE after being tested by the Antidoping Center or any other Anti-Doping Organization (ADO).

Important note:

A TUE granted by the Antidoping Center is only valid at the national level. If you are, or become an International-Level Athlete, or compete at Major Games, that TUE will not be valid unless it is recognized by the relevant International Federation (IF) or Major Event Organization (MEO). It is your responsibility to check if your ADC’s TUE is automatically recognized by such IF or MEO.

The Antidoping Center can assist you in the determination of your level and TUE application requirements, and, should the need occurs, assist you in presenting your ADC’s TUE to an IF or MEO for recognition. Please contact TUE@anti-doping.government.bg

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