Sanctions for whereabouts failures

A failure by an athlete (or other person to whom the athlete has delegated this task) to make an accurate and complete whereabouts filing or to be available for testing at the location and time specified for the 60-minute time-slot, may result in the Anti-Doping Centre launching a result management process to establish a filing failure or a missed test (collectively known as a “whereabouts failure”).

Every filing failure and/or missed test will be recorded against the athlete. Where three whereabouts failures are committed in an 12-month period, the Anti-Doping Centre will refer the matter to the Disciplinary Commission with the Bulgarian Olympic Committee as a possible anti-doping rule violation under Article 6, Paragraph 2, Item 4 of the Regulations on Anti-Doping Activities. If the Anti-Doping Centre proves that the athlete has indeed committed the three alleged whereabouts failures, the hearing panel of the Disciplinary Commission will have discretion to impose a period of ineligibility on the athlete of between one and two years. If this is not the first offence of the athlete, the period of ineligibility will range between two and four years or longer.

Who provides whereabouts and why?

Deadlines for whereabouts submission

What should a whereabouts filing contain?

How are whereabouts submitted?

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