Rights and obligations in case of a positive A-sample

Failure by an athlete to take part in disciplinary proceedings stemming from a positive sample may be of detriment to him/her.

In case of a positive A-sample, each athlete has the right:

• to accept the adverse analytical finding;

• to promptly request the analysis of the B-sample at his/her own expense (the B-sample analysis may be deemed waived failing such request);

• to attend the B-sample opening and analysis alone and/or with a representative;

• to request copies of the A- and B-sample laboratory documentation package.

In case the Anti-Doping Centre decides that an adverse analytical finding should be brought forward as an anti-doping rule violation to the Disciplinary Commission with the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, the athlete concerned has the right:

• to a timely hearing before a fair and impartial hearing panel;

• to an interpreter at the hearing, with the hearing panel to determine the identity, and responsibility for the cost of the interpreter;

• to be represented by counsel at his/her own expense;

• to respond to the asserted anti-doping rule violation and resulting consequences;

• to present evidence, including the right to call and question witnesses;

• to a timely, written, reasoned decision, specifically including an explanation of the reasons for any period of ineligibility;

• to appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Commission to the Bulgarian Sports Arbitration with the Bulgarian Olympic Committee (for national-level athletes) or to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland (for international-level athletes or in cases arising from participation in international events).

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