Procedure for Exemption to the 6-Month Written Notice Rule

According to Article 5.6.1 of the World Antidoping Code (the “Code”), if an International or National level athlete in a Registered Testing Pool retires and then wishes to return to active participation in sport, he/she may be granted an exemption to the 6-month written notice rule by WADA, in consultation with the relevant International Federation (IF) and National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) where the strict application of that rule would be manifestly unfair to an athlete.

Application Procedure

  • An Athlete who wish to benefit from an exemption to the 6-month written notice rule in Article 5.6.1 of the Code shall file a request in writing to his/her NADO and the relevant IF, using the protocol template available on WADA`s website and attached below as well
  • The request shall be filled with the Antidoping Organization (ADO), that collected the Athlete`s whereabouts information immediately before they retired
  • Once this ADO has provided its opinion, it shall provide it to the relevant ADO with the athletes request for consideration. WADA shall then make a final decision on the Athletes request
  • The Athlete`s request shall include the following information:
  • Exact date of retirement
  • Reason(s) for retirement
  • Proof that notice of retirement was provided in writing to each ADO that included the Athlete in its RTP
  • Name of RTP(s) he/she was included, and which ADO collected his/her whereabouts information, if the Athlete was included in more than one RTP
  • Anti-Doping History (i.e. if applicable, the anti-doping rule violation(s)committed and the Consequences imposed)
  • Reason(s) for return to competition and level of competition at which the athlete wants to return (National, International, Professional)
  • Ground of request (including why a strict application of the 6-month notice requirement is manifestly unfair to the athlete)
  • Return date sought (including the specific event(s) within the six month notice period at which the athlete wants to compete and whether this (these) even(s) is (are) a qualifying event(s) for a major event (specifying the major event) that will occur after the expiry of the 6 month period). Also have to specify if the exemption being sought is for a single event only and details regarding the event.

The Athlete and both ADOs have a right to appeal decisions (to the Court of Arbitration for Sport or to the national-level reviewing body, as applicable) pursuant to Article 13.2 of the Code.

Form to return athletes to racing activity earlier than 6 months