„Anti-doping Seminar” for Sport School Educators

On 28 June 2023 the Bulgarian Anti-doping Centre delivered Anti-doping Seminar for representatives by the sport schools. The aim of the seminar was awareness and skills raising of the educators, responsible for delivering anti-doping education in the sports schools.

Representatives from 14 sport schools were acquainted with the actual normative documents and procedures in the field of anti-doping activities and sources of information for anti-doping educations including the WADA’s educational platform ADEL.

The seminar also included a practical part, in which the participants, separated in groups, discussed case studies related to different areas of anti-doping.

At the end of the event, each participant received a certificate for an anti-doping educatior from the Executive Director of BUL-NADO, Dr. Violeta Zarkova.