Deadlines for whereabouts submission

Whereabouts should be submitted prior to the first day of each quarter of the calendar year unless provided otherwise in the rules of the relevant anti-doping organization. Accordingly, the ‘in-principle’ deadline for submission should be no later than:

• December 31 (for January, February and March);

• March 31 (for April, May and June);

• June 30 (for July, August and September);

• September 30 (for October, November and December).

The whereabouts to be provided by the above dates must contain details as to the athlete’s location on any day of the forthcoming quarter.

It is absolutely normal for an athlete to be unaware of his or her exact whereabouts on any given day for the next three months. Still, athletes who are required to submit whereabouts must provide their best information based on where they expect to be at the relevant times, and then update that information as necessary to make sure it is always complete and accurate.

Who provides whereabouts and why?

What should a whereabouts filing contain?

Sanctions for whereabouts failures

How are whereabouts submitted?

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