Anti-doping center

S2. Peptide hormones, growth factors and related substances

What are peptide hormones, growth factors and related substances?

This class contains substances with many different effects on the system. Most of them are naturally occurring but there are also synthetic. These substances act like “managers” that issue “orders” to the system. For example, they may be responsible for the production of endogenous steroids, recovery of various tissues, enhancement of oxygen transfer, etc.


Chorionic gonadotrophin


Human growth hormone

Insulin-like growth factor

S0. Non-approved substances

S1. Anabolic agents

Anabolic androgenic steroids

Other anabolic agents

S3. Beta-2 agonists

S4. Hormone and metabolic modulators

S5. Diuretics and other masking agents 


Other masking agents

M1. Manipulation of blood and blood components

M2. Chemical and physical manipulation

M3. Gene doping

Substances and methods prohibited at all times 

Substances and methods prohibited in-competition

Substances prohibited in particular sports